Apartment accommodation

Next Corp provides you with serviced and non serviced apartment accommodation all over the world. We have prepared for you a selection of luxurious and top outstanding apartments that have suitable locations, near the airports, the city center as well as the touristic attractionsand close to all the conveniences. All you have to do is to contact us, tell us what you need exactly and we will carry out the booking for you in no time. Our apartments are deluxe, prestigious and affordable. We strive to make your stay memorable and free of stress.

Hotel accommodation

You are a business traveler or you are enjoying a trip for fun and entertainment, whatever your reasons are, you are certainly in need of a suitable hotel accommodation, however you are afraid of wasting both your time and energy searching for what meets your requirements, well, that’s why we are here. Thanks to our wide networks and our solid partnerships, we have managed to arrange a list of the best hotels and opulent chalets all over the world and which are located near touristy sites and close to airports and all the conveniences. You simply contact us, choose the optimal accommodation and let us take care of the booking procedure for you. We offer first class hotel lodgments at competitive prices adapted to your budget and to your expectations. Our highly dedicated concierge will guarantee that you obtain a prestigious room in one of the top quality hotels and enjoy excellent services.

Sporting events

For sport fans, we offer multiple first class sporting event services, our professional concierge team conducts profound research and track the big upcoming sporting events and we ensure full coverage in order to provide you with your preferred shows. We are always ready to offer you useful information about any sporting event, we even provide you with last minute tickets and the ones difficult to obtain. We collect them and deliver them to your given address on time. We get authentic tickets from official Promoters, Teams and Suppliers. With us you will absolutely not miss your sport events. Next Corp covers a wide range of the most popular sporting events such as UEFA Champion’s League, FIFA World Cup, Formula 1, NBA, FINA and the Olympic Games. Our concierge guarantees that you will fully enjoy your sporting events without worrying about the other details of ticketing and booking.

Private concierge

Our top quality private concierge service is destined to your everyday needs in order to facilitate everything for you, whether you need comfortable transportation, event management, hotel and apartment booking, restaurant reservation etc. Your private concierge is ready to assist you in every step you take and simplify any procedure for you. All you have to do is to give your personal concierge your time schedule and your to-do-list and he will properly manage everything for you. We offer you luxury lifestyles, we maximize your time and save your energy, Next Corp private concierge represents the optimal solution for today’s problems. Our main goal is to satisfy you and exceed your expectations.