Foolproof security services

We have experts in the sector of security at all levels; we implement several security protocols to ensure our clients protection. We have highly trained and certified agents and guards ready to accompany you wherever you go and guarantee your safety. You have personal or professional events and you need foolproof security, hire Next Corp. We also offer surveillance services to private and public enterprises together with individual properties. Next Corp offers you effective accompaniment service to wherever you go, hire us and we will send our security guards to escort you to your desired destination in total safety. You want to take your kids to school, but you are busy and you would like to ensure their safety, our security agents will carry out the task professionally and guarantee their protection from the pickup to the drop off. We also provide this service to celebrities, athletes and VIP’s.

Security and surveillance for both professionals and individuals

We also offer efficient and well planned security services during big corporate events, whether you have a business conference or an important seminar or meeting and you want to ensure the safety of your guests, all you have to do is to hire us, we will deploy our security agents who are trained in self-defense and protection, thus, they will guarantee tight and strict security against any internal or external threats. We are also specializing in surveillance services, as we ensure full protection to individual and corporate properties against theft, damage or any other risks, we have the appropriate equipments and expertise to offer unequalled and reliable security services to our clients. Guaranteeing our customers safety and satisfaction is our main priority and we put into effect all our knowledge, expertise and our large networks to do so.