Best restaurants in Geneva, Switzerland

December 8, 2018
Geneva’s nearby ski resorts
February 11, 2019

Best restaurants in Geneva, Switzerland

Best restaurants in
Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva is historic, trendy and international. The city of luxury watches, supercars and business also boasts a great gastronomy. World cuisine meets brewery dishes, traditional cuisine, fusion and inventive alongside some typical Geneva dishes. In terms of restaurants, you can find many that suits both business lunches and romantic dinners. Here is a list of the best restaurants in Geneva and each one of them has a unique aspect.

One of the most mythical restaurants is the Café de Paris, located in the heart of the Pâquis district, behind the train station; this restaurant boasts international renown thanks to its unique dish: the beef steak with butter. As its name does not indicate, it is here that Mr. Bourbier created the famous herb butter in 1930, which is a thousand times imitated but never equaled. Whenever you are in Geneva, you should drop by the Café de Paris and relish this one of a kind dish.

Restaurant des Parc des Bastions is one of the most romantic restaurants in Geneva; situated in the heart of the park of the same name, this restaurant sets its white tablecloths in the shadow of one of Geneva's former bandstands. The Restaurant des Parc des Bastions offers a romantic setting in the center of a park of rare species that stretches since 1817, at the foot of the fortifications of the city. The menu consists of a varied and tasty cuisine based on the classics of French, Italian and Swiss cuisine.

Do you want to have a different and unique experience? So this restaurant "the Intensus is for you. A secret place that will be unveiled to you the day before, 12 guests around the table of a great chef whose name remains hidden, a unique menu with wine and drinks included. You have the opportunity to eat divinely well, while dining with complete strangers, in a relaxed and warm atmosphere, for an evening that you will remember for a long time.

The most historic restaurant in Geneva is Les Armures located in a luxury hotel in the old town. Its French cuisine combines Swiss specialties, cheeses, dried meat, raclette as well as several fondue specialties, herbs, tomatoes and mushrooms. Its pleasant terrace faces the arches of the Old Arsenal.

These restaurants are just a few names of a wide range of great restaurants in Geneva. When it comes to gastronomy, this city will never deceive you; just book your table in advance. Whenever you are in the region and you need reliable transportation, hotels and restaurants reservation, road trips, etc., contact Next Corp and enjoy luxury services tailored to meet your requirements.

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