Luxury car rental

Next Corp puts at your service its stunning fleet, which is made up from a large number of the latest cars available for an exclusive rental with competitive prices together with many advantages, including a personalized pickup and drop off as well as a professional chauffeur who have a great deal of knowledge ...

Chauffeur Service

Next Corp offers top quality chauffeur services in Europe: Geneva, Zurich, Davos, Interlaken, Paris, Courchevel, Mégève, London, Munich, Vienna, Cannes, Marbella and many other cities.

Travel tour service

Our private luxurious travel tours are especially adapted for a different standard of sightseeing, while enjoying our guided tours you will discover the best places of the region in a total exclusivity, your private chauffeur will be always ready and available to show you many touristic areas and sites ...

Private events

Thanks to our large networks and the strong partnerships that we have established, we can help you organize your private event faultlessly, whether you have a special event; wedding, party, birthday, a dinner or a night out in town or you have a corporate event; a conference or a seminar and all you need is someone who manages everything for you and take care of all the details; the decoration, the venue, the seats, catering, stewards, gifts, invitation management, booking, VIP transport, security and everything you need for your private event, it’s Next Corp that you should seek. With years of experience in the field of private events management, we can guarantee that your event is stress free and unforgettable.

Conciergerie & LifeStyle

Our concierge services are not just for wealthy customers: they are also adapted to anyone who wants to save time and make life easier. Next Corp focuses on all the details of its clients, everything that seems difficult to get or to accomplish, we perfectly carry it out for them ...

Medical service

Next Corp provides effective and reliable medical service, whether you are a local or a visitor in the region, we can offer you custom health services adapted to your needs and requirements. Thanks to our large networks and the strong partnerships that we have established throughout the years, we can guarantee high quality healthcare services.

Security service

We have experts in the sector of security at all levels; we implement several security protocols to ensure our clients protection. We have highly trained and certified agents and guards ready to accompany you wherever you go and guarantee your safety ...

Education Service

Next Corp provides bespoke academic services worldwide, thanks to our strong partnerships and wide networks; we can guarantee comprehensive educational packages to everyone in the best international universities. You just have to contact us and we will offer useful information about the subjects, the levels, the procedures and anything you want, we even carry out the registration for you.

Big events

Next Corp is specializing in big event management, thanks to our expertise, our trustworthy partners and our wide networks; we can fully assist in many big events in Switzerland and make sure that all the guests enjoy an exclusive treatment ...