Travel tours in Geneva

Christmas market at Bastions Park, Geneva for the first time
December 7, 2018
Geneva Lux Festival
December 8, 2018

Travel tours in Geneva

Travel tours
in Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland is an international metropolis renowned for its cultural life and the beauty of Lake Geneva which borders it. Cradle of the finest jewelry, this city is renowned throughout the world for the many luxury boutiques that populate the rue du Rhône. It is a very well maintained business city. It is an ideal destination for a quiet weekend and a green city at the foot of the mountains that attracts a lot of visitors all year round. There is a lot to see and to do in the region, let’s see what Geneva offers you.

Walk down the Main Street and take a leisurely stroll or a guided tour through the paved streets of the city center, passing through the Town Hall. Join the charming Bourg-de-Four plaza and return to the Ramp de la Treille where you will find the longest wooden bench in the world, with its 126 meters. The Bastions Park, the most marvelous park in Geneva is home to the University of the City and the monument dedicated to the protagonists of the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century - the Wall of Reformers. You will see both students and curious travelers, enjoying this green setting in the center. In front of the park is the Grand Theater of Geneva. Make sure to visit the Maison Tavel, which is medieval house and now the museum of reference on the history of Geneva, between paintings, items and other historical objects. In the attic is the Magnin Relief, an impressive model of the fortified city in 1850. The visit of the permanent collections is free. The neo-classical St. Peter's Cathedral became the Protestant church of Geneva during the Reformation. So do not expect to find an ostentatious building, but do not make the mistake of missing a visit. The view from the top of the north tower is worth seeing, as well as the archeological site beneath the building. The symbol of Geneva is its Water Jet which is visible from all over the city, since it rises to more than 140 meters high. You will find it in the middle of the harbor, the Geneva part of Lake Geneva, which is a pleasant place to walk, enjoy water sports and to have a drink. The Flower Clock is also a must see, your stroll on the Rade will take you to the English Garden, a park where to stop for a nice view of the lake. The Garden houses the other emblem of Geneva, a great city of watchmaking: a clock composed of 6400 flowers changed several times a year. Your visit to Geneva is an opportunity to stock up on Swiss chocolates but also cheese specialties that can be found in France: raclette and fondue. To make more local, try the loin and pear rissoles. To finish your journey, head over to the balcony of Geneva, Mount Salève and take pleasure in the magnificent panoramic view of the city, the mountains and the lake. You can access it via a cable car, by car or on foot if you want to. If you need bespoke travel tours in Geneva or any other Swiss city, contact our company Next Corp to discover our exclusive and high quality concierge services that facilitate your visit and help you enjoy your stay without worrying about the details of booking your hotel accommodation, transportation and excursions in the region, because we take care of everything so that you enjoy the luxury of travel with us. ​

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