Geneva Lux Festival

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December 7, 2018
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December 8, 2018

Geneva Lux Festival

Lux Festival

From 29 November 2018 to 13 January 2019, the Lux festival of lights is taking place downtown in Geneva, as part of its 5th edition; there are many works of light created exclusively by artists from around the world which bring extra magic to the heart of Geneva during the end of the year celebrations. With the Geneva Lux Festival, the city center of Geneva holds for the fifth year in a row a magical light show. People enjoy exceptional illuminated works, created by artists from all over the world who compete for a month in the public space with the traditional illuminations of Christmas and New Year.

Among the 25 works presented to the public, there are several novelties of Contemporary creations. Circles of lights that changes its colors constantly installed by the English artist Chris Plant against the wall of the Observatory's promenade. We also find other creations by Encor Studio who invented a new type of video mapping on the facade of the Hotel des Bergues by working on a typographic approach to building architecture. The Pitaya collective invests part of the Saint-Antoine promenade to put strokes of light on several rows of trees to create a graphic universe above our heads. They also fly birds over the Bastions Park and the Christmas Market. The ambience is really magical and enchanting for both locals and visitors. There are many other masterpieces and a lot of fun and festivities that dominate the city center of Geneva during the magnificent Light festival, you can discover the other works if you are in the city or if you planning to visit Switzerland before the New Year, so if you happen to be there and you need to attend the show, contact our company Next Corp to benefit from many high quality concierge services including opulent transportation around the region, booking first-rate hotel accommodations and bespoke guided tours etc. ​

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